A manufacturer of dies, tooling, highly specialized metal stampings, fabrication, precision machining and assemblies.


  Quality Tool Company is dedicated to producing quality products with the most cost-efficient processes. We employ a company-wide attitude of excellence in every phase of business activities; safety, quality, productivity, efficiency and delivery. While also focusing on continuous improvement throughout our facility and staff in all of these areas.

3rd Generation, Family owned manufacturing for over 65 Years



Elmer A. Pasch founded Quality Tool Company in 1954. The original building, at the western end of Alexis Rd., was built by the owner with the help of a bricklayer. The beams used were salvaged from an old bridge. The windows were also salvaged from an older existing building. The original plant was a total of 2,400 square feet. This included one small office in which engineering and all office work was performed. At this time, we manufactured small dies, fixtures, gauges, and a lot of detail work.

In the summer of 1973, James G. Pasch came into the company full time and Elmer Pasch retired. In the following years, 1974-75, an addition of 1,600 square feet was added to the die shop as well as a second office for engineering. This gave us a die shop of 4,000 square feet total.

By 1979, it was decided to expand the business again. The house and property adjacent to the plant was purchased. A second building was constructed in the back corner of this lot. This building had 6,000 square feet of floor space. In about 1980 our customers started requesting we run production for their tools, and we purchased our first large production press, a 175-ton Niagara. This press, along with a new reel and air feeder, was the extent of Q.T.C..

By the mid-1980’s, we had added additional presses and equipment. At this time, we were outgrowing our zoning laws and our facility. It was decided to find or build a new facility and relocate the entire company. A new site was found at the east end of Alexis Rd., in the North Towne Square area. In 1984, a new facility was built at the new site. The new building expanded our size to 20,000 square feet. This was divided into 6,000 square feet for the die shop and 14,000 square feet for production.

By the year 1993, with new orders and declining floor space, it was decided to expand the business again. A new addition of approximately 20,000 square feet was added to the existing facility. Approximately 3,000 square feet of new office space was added. At this same time, another milestone was achieved. 

We purchased our first new large-power presses, a 300 ton, 84 inch, straight-side Blow and a 200 ton, 60 inch, straight side Blow. Shortly thereafter we purchased an additional 400 Ton press to increase our tonnage capacity. Most recently we purchased an ABB Robotic welding cell, a precision CNC swiss style Lathe and a Haas VF-5 CNC Milling Center to expand our capabilities. Today, we have 40,000 square feet of floor space and a successfully expanding manufacturing plant. 



-8,000 sq. ft. fully equipped tool & die shop
-New Tool Design, Build, and tryouts done in house

Tool Room


-8,000 sq. ft. fully equipped tool & die shop

-New Tool Design, Build, and tryouts done in house

-Quick ability to make Eng. Changes to new or existing tools

-All dies ran in house are maintained regularly in house by our die makers

-Quick ability to repair and troubleshoot production tooling




Quality Tool Company has a wide range of presses equipped to run progressive stamping tools, as well as secondary or single hit operations.


- 150 ton Niagra SS Press

36” X 72” Bed
- 150 ton Minster SS Press 

40” X 66” Bed
- 175 ton Niagra SS Press
 36” X 42” Bed

-- 200 ton Clearing SS Press
 36” X 42” Bed
- 200 ton Blow SS Press
  42” X 72” Bed
- 300 ton Blow SS Press
 84” X 42” Bed
- 400 ton Blow SS Press
 84” X 42” Bed


Secondary Operations


-Production Mig Welding 

(ABB Robotic Weld Cell) 

-Spot welding (175 KVA unit)

-Spin riveting machines

-Various tapping equipment

-Hand Mig Welding 


Precision Machining


CNC Milling

Our 2018 Haas VF-5XT gives us the ability to machine most die sets and details in house for new tooling. Keeping this in house give us the ability to reduce lead times and cost. As well as machine individual parts, components and details where needed.


Precision Turning

Our Ganesh-32 Cyclone gives us the added ability to turn precision parts in a production capacity and hold tight tolerances, very quickly and cost effectively.


The whole package

With the addition of our CNC Mill, CNC Lathe, and ABB robotic weld cell, along with other assembly equipment we have the ability to supply our customers with stampings, machined components and complete welded and/or riveted assemblies all under one roof. This gives customers an opportunity to reduce their supply chain.

cost effective manufacturing


Blank and Shave

 We take pride in providing our customers with cost saving manufacturing solutions.

Our ingenuity led us to perfect a hallmark blank and shave process. It eliminates the need for broaching, machining, and fine blanking – enhancing quality while offering considerable cost savings.

We’re equipped with the latest press equipment to reliably manufacture specialized close tolerance metal stampings such as emergency brakes, sectors, pawls, tailgate latches, and seat lock bars 


Advantages vs. Disadvantages

  + Blank & Shave is complete off press metal stamping, no secondary sanding or grinding required

+ Blank & Shave is produced with conventional presses.

+ No Voids in middle of shaved surfaces

+ Metal stampings with formed legs, tabs, can be mfg’d.

-100% of perimeter cannot be shaved. Need a carrier. -Burrs on parts at punch overlap (minimal) -Tooling for this application is usually more expensive than fine blank tooling. However the piece price is usually significantly lower, the volume will dictate the recovery of the added tooling cost.  



While tooling cost can be much more expensive than a fine blanking operation or broaching, we have seen savings on piece prices of up to 40%, which makes recovering tooling money very easy on higher volume parts.

workforce development


Apprenticeship Program

Quality Tool Company has had a long tradition of training the next generation of die makers through our 4 year, die maker apprenticeship program. In this program we train young men and women to be skilled die makers and machinist through on the job training with our journeyman, as well as training in the classroom through the NTMA-Western Lake Erie, which is a state certified apprenticeship program. We are committed to promoting our industry and our trade through workforce development, by working with community and industry leaders, as well as local high school and vocational programs.

ISO 9001 2015 Certified

ISO 9001 2015 FM 569029 Certificate (pdf)


Contact Us

Todd Krell-Plant Manager

Engineer/Project Manager qtc.tkrell@bex.net 

Mike Pasch- Vice President

Customer Sales/Supplier Management qualitytoolco@bex.net 

Mark Schumacher – Quality Manager/ Scheduling 


Lisa Stoner-Office Manager


James G. Pasch- President

Quality Tool Company

577 Mel Simon Drive, Toledo, Ohio 43612, United States



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